Introducing Pinpoint 2.0

The sharpest thing to come out of Vermont since cheddar cheese.

From Targeting to Transaction, Pinpoint 2.0 connects data across digital marketing, CRM and DMS to help you target the right customers, match transactions to your targeting efforts and operationalize it all in a way your stores can understand.

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Pinpoint 2.0 expands on the existing audience-targeting capabilities and provides a single tool for activating your data from targeting to transaction. Map your existing sales and service transactions to develop a geo-targeting strategy. Build ad-targeting audiences based on subsets of your customers. Get leads into your CRM and automatically calculate closing ratios and revenue generated by connecting leads to transactions.

Transaction Mapping

Show all your sales and service transactions on a map so you can see where your current customers are and uncover underserved areas.

Lead Tracking

Get all your digital leads into your CRM, and keep track of them over time.

Offline Transactions

Automatically send your sales and service transaction data to Facebook and Google so you can use their built-in AI capabilities.


Close the target-to-transaction loop by connecting your leads to transactions, and automatically calculating close ratios and revenue generated.




Lead Tracking - easily get leads you generate digitally (ex: Facebook Leadgen) into your CRM, and track them in a simple dashboard.



Lead Tracking, Audience-Based Targeting, Transaction Mapping & Offline Transactions



Standard + Transaction Match-Back

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